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31 May 2011 @ 10:40 pm
posting again after a long long hiatus. I just couldnt be borthered to post anymore, cos it's been tiring, and cropping pics and stuff is just too..leh chey. hahhaha
and oh yes, the grand opening with the horses at universal studios was, with a bit of glitches here and there, a success :) and i'm actually really happy and thankful to the shankers, bell and james for their help throughout this. Love u so much Whiteface. Cant wait for Manee to upload the photos. I'm surprised how comfortable i am with my current work place right now..it's physically taking its toll, but whiteface makes it all so worthwhile. :)
27 January 2011 @ 11:40 pm

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19 January 2011 @ 03:11 am



15 January 2011 @ 06:37 pm

ゲームのなかでは女性キャラ結構いますが、やはり男性^^;(ユーリ) のほうが一番綺麗だね。
Tales of Vesperia is kinda 2008, but i bought the game second hand in my last trip to japan and kinda got addicted :D The female lead is EXTREMELY annoying though.
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12 December 2010 @ 12:20 am

fufufufu part of my stock take.Collapse )
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28 October 2010 @ 12:38 am

rewriting for my own reference (before i forget everything)

Day 1 (24th Oct):
DuraraLovers in Nakano (day and night event)
OMG so much love!
Shizuo's enka live >D
"oretachi wa simon da!" XDXD
I just heard my ringtone. LIVE. drool*___* yuya matsushita XD and rookiez is punked!O_____O

Check in New Izu Hotel Ueno.

Day 2 (25th Oct):
Random Ueno.
Ameyoko cho - lunch @ Izakaya (?) yakitori & shiitake kushi
Flea market (?), japanese wakashi and maccha
Ueno Kouen walk

Night bus to osaka
(ouch........cant sleep...at all. next time, i'll take a bloody shinkansen)

Day 3 (26th Oct):
Chou Selene Hotel. Shin-imamiya
Tennoji : animate / zoo / shinsekai (kushi lunch)
Namba eki is insane, especially Namba walk
Nipponbashi : den-den town animate/k-books 
Shinsaibashi (lost in the middle of nowhere)

Day 4 (27th Oct):
Universal City
jump shop at universal walk
sesame street 4D
Hollywood Dream coaster (45min queue omg)
Spiderman / Back to the future / Terminator 3D
Very cold, so no jurassic park ride for me :(

Osaka/Umeda - DGS movie (hahaha so random, LOL. its more like a home movie made with a hand held video cam)
Umeda Sky Building (night view) 

Back to hotel : finally i get the internet to work!!

Day 5: 28th Oct
its raining boooo....
Kiyomizudera. So many ppl. so many kids. omg
random walking and getting lost around the area.
kyoto-like streets.
very cold. smoke is coming out from my mouth
was an idiot and drank all the creamer from my coffee. felt like i was gonna puke for a while.
dark at 5.30 already so back to hotel.

Day 6: 29th Oct
its nice weather :)
Nijo-jo (omg so expensive)
Mibudera (shinsengumi XDXD kondo's statue)
Yasaka Jinja(?)
Gion (saw a maiko XD lucky)
Some bridge....with a nice view.

Day 7: 30th Oct
despite the weather forecast. it rained only in the morning then was cloudy after that
Nara - deer park and temple temple temple
the deers are.........like pets.
kaiyukan (aquarium osakado)

Day 8: 31th Oct
Iga Ueno ----> ueno shi
Ueno jyo lol@ 1.5hr journey
ninja!!!! lol so funny! demo kakkoi!
back to kyoto Arashiyama.
started raining.....:(
take rickshaw. takai! 4000yen mo!
its pretty there, should have gone there earlier.
somehow, i'm losing hair again. must stop using hotel shampoo.
damn hungry. omurice with burger with choco cake.T_T

Day 9: 1st Nov
Osaka Expo park
the autumn leaves are quite nice there.
rain and stop and rain again. T_T
wait for bus. so scary. Old man ask me if i wanna go out and eat/ play with him O__O
Bus stop so hard to tell....will never take bus again.

Day 10: 2nd Nov
Finally in tokyo, ueno
reach in the morning around 7am, so stayed in a 24hr manga cafe
walk around ameyoko again
Feels GOOD to know my way
got a nyanko sensei mat from a ufo catcher.
bought jacket at OIOI for 6000yen

Day 11: 3rd Nov
Wake up at 7
breakfast is curry pan, tamagoyaki and milk tea from 7-11
Off to Shin Yokohama - Yokohama Arena
Animax Musix Fall 2010!
Dont understand May'n's popularity....o___O
Fanboys are CRAZY
omg the joystation karaoke booth XDXDXD
Grandrodeo sounded cool live :D (what kind of title is rose hip bullet? but whatever!!!XDXD)
omg KOTOKO! i really like her techy rock fast songs (omg i lov Re-sublimity)
Kalafina XDXD is quite awesome. They did the cover for gundam seeds Annani Isho datta no ni (>_< i used to love that song)
Tamaki Nami with more Gundam Seed (sooooo natsukashii!!) too bad no G00 songs...
Fanboys are WIERD :/
The Lia/Origa(?) collab for Eureka7's Sakura was like WOW.

Day 12: 4th Nov
Ikebukuro and Nakano Broadway de O-abare!
LOL @ ufo catcher promoter
Mandarake iisuyo ne?
Hiru wa chukasoba to gyoza
meet katarynna tmr! in Asakusa!

Day 13: 5th Nov
Meet Katarynna in Asakusa.
Walk to Akasaka area for lunch. Walk towards Roppongi area for sightseeing, then take metro line to Ginza (kabuki theatre was closed for construction T_T), walk around.

Day 14: 6th Nov
lots of shrines that i dont know the names off
the beach there a lot of dead fish.......o__O|||
hiking trail. omg.....urami falls dejavu!!
Ikebukuro - namjatown
somehow stuck gold kuji for hakuouki random kuji o_O
my throat is dying.

Day 15: 7th Nov
Its sunday. Everywhere touristy is crowded
lets go Ushiku for that giant budha!
was looking for a lake. ended up by a river. O_O ;(

Day 16: 8th Nov
Hachioji de Horse riding!XD
minna yasahii! ozawa san arigatou!
Chinatown @ yokohama. O_O is kinda boring. ate porridge (pei dan chok) cos of sore throat.

Day 17: 9th Nov
omg cold! cable car and boats were cancelled later. had to take bus
saw Fuji!
Nakano Broadway!

Day 18: 10th Nov
yokohama minato mirai
nothing much. nice night view. like clarke quay

Day 19: 11th Nov
Yamanaka ko
is 2.5hrs away.
great view of Mount Fuji (but only in the morning). got cloudy before 12 nn then cant see anything anymore
but who cares!
There was horse riding!!!!XD
More akiba - gundam cafe :D

Day 20: 12th Nov
Its far....peaceful but kinda boring. but its nice to see old edo like buildings without the crowd like in kyoto
Shibuya AX - matsushita yuya 'live'.

Day 21: 13th Nov
ReboCon 4.
tsuda & ohyama's gyoza gyudon...OMFG
I'm glad i decided to go for side Blue instead of Red.
i wish i could go for sunday's show too. but i need to fly back to SG T_T boooooo
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oh the japanese and their english. hahaha.

Anyway, It was a pretty awesome event at nakano sun plaza. I went there like a zombie and started queuing at 10 in the goods counter, though by the time it was my turn, most of the popular stuff was already sold out. Zannen. Lack of sleep after coming straight from a plain ride really took its toll while i had to stand in line......lol

I was disappointed they didn't do a nama-afureco (live voice overs) but it was still fun anyway. We got to watch performances for the 1st ED (my phone ringtone lol yuya matsushita's Trust me) plus the 2 ED songs by ROOKieZ is PUNKD (Complication) and ON/OFF (Butterfly), and all the chara songs so far, including Izaya's (Kamiya Hiroshi). Shizuo's enka never fails to make me laugh and Toyonaga just keeps getting bullied on stage. The hall wasnt so big after all, so both my seats for the day and night event had alright views. I was on the 2nd floor for the day event, but for the night show i got a seat in the first floor, so the tension was a lot higher, plus there were more gags compared to the 1st show. And so i finally get to see OnoD and HiroC live. O_O, and Hanazawa Kana is the bomb :D she says and does the wierdest stuff. And everyone loved the wagon gang and Karisawa being all fujoshi-like XD. We got to watch a pre-airing of ep 25, which is by the way, quite hilarious. XDXDXD

and hence. my ranting for day 1. I now need to really SLEEP. I have not slept properly since 630am on saturday morning!!!!! I also have had no lunch, only a lousy breakfast on the plane. No wonder my ticket was like so much cheaper compared to last years...the quality was significantly down. It was impossible to sleep on the plane, and i was like falling in and out of a sleep on the train..Ueno is still the most convenient though. I love it.